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Hisham Mackie Implicated

Hisham Mackie Implicated

A thorough investigation conducted by Sierra Express Media into the alleged sub-standard and adulterated rice supplied to the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) and the Sierra Leone Police has implicated Hisham Mackie, the Turkish Consul in Sierra Leone, who also happens to be the number one diamond dealer in the country and dealer in many businesses.

According to our investigation, Hisham Mackie is partnering with one Nabih Bassma in the SLP and RSLAF Rice Supply Contract.

Our investigation However further reveals that a certain brand of rice that was supplied to SLP by the duo is said to be hazardous, sub-standard and therefore unfit for human consumption.    

A State House Intelligence Unit report on the said rice states thus: ‘’the incidence of unnatural death within the SLP – over 20 unexplained deaths recently, posits very urgent questions as to the causes.  Amongst one avenue explored is a toxicological complexity whose origin is in the rice supplied to them by a Lebanese company which does not in preliminary findings, adhere to proper edible rice standards and those of the  ISO 7301 rice standard for rice quality.

The inadequate storage of the rice, its haphazard transportation and more importantly its grading as ‘edible’ rice – is all flawed according to the Unit’s investigations.

The presence of mould including aflatoxin spores, the mixture of foreign substances including a mixture of weevils (Sitophilus Oryzae), grain eating beetles and other infestations in the supplied rice bags to the SLP amongst other agencies supplied.

The actual quality of the rice is also akin to animal feed – fit for pigs in other words. The husk content on the supplied rice merits a thorough cleaning, de-husking and vermin removal from the rice before contemplating trying to cook the supply to feed SLP personnel, their family and children.

I stress that the mould present in the bags – which without instruments can be smelled and seen – is of a mycotoxigenic  aflatoxin variety that in the short to long term, can kill.  Full stop.

And this, perhaps, could be one main cause of the premature deaths in our SLP cadre, a cohort of deceased, who all ate the Lebanese supplier’s rice.’’

Following the above revelations by the State House Intelligence Unit, this writer launched an in-depth investigation into the said rice and it was discovered that the rice is question is called ‘’Happy Family’’ which according to an independent sampling done by experts, is only fit for pigs.

When contacted via phone on several occasions, Mr. Hisham told this writer that he had no dealings whatsoever with the rice supply contract and that it was his brother, Ahmed Mackie, Nabih Bassma and Saad Group that have something to do with the said rice and contract. He further told me that it was his brother, Ahmed Mackie who is the sole importer of the rice in question.

But after further investigation by this writer, it was discovered that Hisham Mackie and Nabih Bassma are the substantive contractors of the SLP and RSLAF Rice Supply Contract and that they usually buy from rice importers such as Saad Group, Ahmed Mackie and others.

It was further discovered that the said rice is currently being kept in thousands of bags in of Hisham’s stores at Shell despite the fact they had long been asked to dispose it.

In subsequent edition, this medium will bring to its readers details of how the SLP and RSLAF Rice Supply Contract was awarded and how the State House Intelligence Unit Report was concealed with the necessary action from authorities concerned through alleged bribery by Hisham Mackie and Nabih Bassma.

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara

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