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Why President Bio Must Decongest Pademba Road Prison Before Coronavirus Strikes!

Why President Bio Must Decongest Pademba Road Prison Before Coronavirus Strikes!

I stand to be corrected but since President Bio started implementing his national coronavirus emergency plans, I haven’t heard any plan for prisoners held in the over congested correctional centers across the country including, the dreaded and notorious Pademba Road Maximum Detention Center in Freetown. It’s no hidden secret that, Sierra Leone’s correctional centers lacks everything that centers should have. But ironically, I spoke to a former inmate at the Pademba Road prisons about how he’s coping with his new freedom outside, he authoritatively”said to me that, life’s better inside the prison than outside, because at least you’re assured of having a place to sleep and a meal a day.

My worry is, what will the government do in the event prisoners are infected with coronavirus?  Are they waiting for an outbreak to occur before reacting half hazardly?

The government should draw up a program that result in freeing up inmates who qualified, including nonviolent offenders within nine months of eligibility for parole, inmates aging 70 or older, pregnant women, and prisoners with chronic health conditions that make them more vulnerable to serious coronavirus complications. Temporarily released prisoners shouldn’t apply to those incarcerated for gun offenses, drug trafficking, and sex offenders. Those who qualified for early release, will be monitored by parole agents and will have to return to prison to complete their sentences once the coronavirus emergency order ends or if they commit any other crime while out.

Another major concern is, prisoners are held close to each other with limited hygiene, and the inability to impliment recommended social distancing guidelines, makes it an ideal breeding grounds for a disease that could infect hundreds of inmates and spread to the surrounding communities.

President Bio, time’s running out as Sierra Leone has already started recording coronavirus cases.

The governors of Pennsylvania and New Jersey have authorized the early release of potentially thousands of state prison inmates, in measures aimed at preventing a major coronavirus outbreak behind bars like those seen in other parts of the country.


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Mohamed Kakay, Senior Political Commentator

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