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Sierra Leone Chief Minister & State House Intelligence Unit Exposed

Sierra Leone Chief Minister & State House Intelligence Unit Exposed

In the next three or four months, this medium will embark on the serialization of the subversive activities of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) led government of President Bio that have clearly been exposed through its created State House Intelligence Unit.

The said unit, which directly falls under the purview of the Chief Minister, Professor David Francis, according to investigation, was created purposely to hound what the SLPP referred to as ‘State Enemies’ including the opposition and members of the business community who are deemed not friendly with the government.

According to our long research findings, the governance dynamics in Sierra Leone are a charade, or State fraud, manufactured by glossy representations of democracy capped by print on demand  documents including, but not limited to, the Medium Term National Development Plan 2019-2023  – or its cluster 4  targets. 

The coup d’etat Machiavellian machinery of democratic reversals was hatched, May 2018 by a paranoid inner circle at State House comprising the usual incumbents including the beleaguered Chief Minister.

The inner circle, which disrespectfully – and painfully, excludes most of the Cabinet including the Minister of Defence, sought through the omnipotent State House Intelligence Unit, to bypass all Rule of Law institutions as ONS, SLP and its agencies including the CID, RSLAF central command, even FIU to drive the inner groupings’ extraordinary zeal to rule by fear through thousands of investigations into APC cadre, ordinary Sierra Leoneans, Sierra Leone exiles, commercial sector actors and a vast swathe of civil society organizations perceived as threats to State House.  The secret intelligence unit became so ambitious within its operational ambit, that up to January 17th 2020, it was reliant on at least 3,000 secret informants of all political complexions – many paid – to feed the 24 hour industrial level, nationwide, information gathering and intelligence analyses and action outcomes.

Unfortunately,  for the President, Chief Minister and the inner circle the State House Intelligence Unit sought to protect, which is the real Government grouping of our country, the paper trail of State House incumbents carelessness and dressing up consolidated fund requests and Ministry of Finance key funding architecture, related official memorandum, etc , came to the fore.

Atop this damning scanned evidence, cracks in fraternity and solidarity amongst the inner circle of State House conspirators became apparent and the entire project of subversion and annihilation of democracy, in the form of a formidable 20,000 folders, decoded archive was liberated.

The evil-doing, performed by the pinnacle of Government, which neutralized CSOs, corrupted hundreds, drafted neutralization of companies, individuals and even their own SLPP cadre into relentless operational focus, will be serialized in our free press for public interest and for the people of this country to know who has been dealing with us and why we are in such a terrible state economically and politically. The people – and of course, our donors and allies need to know, to say nothing of their fury which the donor parliaments and senates will unleash on  one of Africa’s most corrupt regimes who have deceived them  and obtained myriad, unjustified advantages by deception whilst our people starve and democracy is extinguished.

The above is an introduction of the series that will be published on the Chief Minister and the State House Intelligence Unit beginning Friday. 

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