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As Golden Dragon Spills the Beans RDC Ghana, Kabineh Kallon, Others in Deep Mess

As Golden Dragon Spills the Beans RDC Ghana, Kabineh Kallon, Others in Deep Mess

The Minister of Transport and Aviation, Kabineh Kallon, RDC Ghana, the Ghanaian based company that signed an MOU with the Sierra Leone Government for the procurement of 200 buses and others within the Transport Ministry and other quarters are said to be in deep mess following the revelations made by Xiamen Golden Dragon, the Manufacturer of the 50 City School Buses, in a letter about the actual cost of the said buses which shows a discrepancy of over one million dollars from what RDC is claiming.

They will now be left sweating profusely in finding ways to provide answers to what the over one million dollars variance in the contract of the 50 city school buses is meant for.

Judging from court documents which RDC Ghana filed in the Fast Track Commercial Court against the substantive contractor of the 50 school buses, Alie Abess Transport & General Enterprises, over what it says was a ‘’breach of contract on the procurement of the 50 buses’’, it became clear that the said amount variance could have been concealed as a supposed kickbacks for RDC and cohorts within the ministry and other quarters within the SLPP Government.

According to RDC’s Amended Originating Summons filed in court by Brewa and co., the company is claiming around four million dollars as the total contract cost of the 50 buses while the manufacturer, Xiamen Golden Dragon,  stated the cost of the buses  

How RDC Ghana in alleged league with those at the helm of affairs at Transport Ministry and other quarters metamorphosed from the MOU it signed with government for the procurement of  200 Golden Dragon Buses, which by every indication, cannot materialized, to become a party to the 50 buses contract that had already been awarded to Alie Abess Transport & General Enterprises is a question this medium intends to answer in its next edition but for the purpose of this article, our focus remain on the close to two million dollars variance in the procurement of the 50 buses which RDC and it cohorts are desperately running after.

It is alleged that RDC Ghana is one of those mushrooms companies that some top bras in the SLPP Government  had wanted to use in having their bite in the 50 buses contract which is why the company was clandestinely brought as a supposed agent for Golden Dragon products in West Africa through which the buses were to be procured at an astronomically inflated price.

Even though Alie Abess, the contractor of the 50 buses, who has been doing business with Golden Dragon since 2011 which is way before even the existence of RDC Ghana as confirmed in the registration certificate, had already made significant progress in the procurement process, Kabineh Kallon and others allegedly imposed RDC in the said contract just so as to allegedly make way for their kickbacks.

 However, it now seems the deal has backfired after Golden Dragon had instructed the contractor through the ministry to make direct payment to them following the failure of RDC, the self-acclaimed dealer of the Chinese company , to pay the  manufacturer for the buses months after they had been shipped.

RDC and co. had hoped that the contractor pays them their inflated prices for the buses which would have seen them get close to two million dollars as commission (kickback) before making payment to the manufacturer but the deal backfired.

Knowing full well that their kickback is at stake,  RDC with the alleged help of some supposed beneficiaries within the government, has now filed a lawsuit against Alie Abess in a desperate effort to get their concealed kickbacks.  

Whether they will have legs to stand on in the said lawsuit is a matter for the court but this medium will continue to expose all the dubious dealings of RDC and cohorts.

The Minister of Transport and Aviation, Kabineh Kallon, when contacted by this writer via SMS and WhatsApp messages for his response, deliberately refused to comment. However, this medium will avail him the right to respond anytime he so desires.

More on this story in subsequent edition.

Ibrahim Alusine Kamara

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