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Father Threatens to Kill Homosexual Son

Father Threatens to Kill Homosexual Son

Ishmael Amara Kamara is currently on the run from Sierra Leone in order to save his life from his father’s threats, who is well determined to kill him.

Our investigations reveal that Ishmael Amara Kamara’s troubles started after it became known that he was a gay (homosexual) assuming the female role in a relationship with his partner Musa, sometimes in 2013 while living with both his parents.

Upon the discovery, his father flew into a rage which did not subside but grew worse until he (Ishmael) was forced to run for his dear life.

His mother on the other hand according to our investigations was more tolerant and on numerous occasions, eye witnesses say she suffered abuse and violence from her husband on account of her son (Ishmael Amara Kamara) who his father said had brought shame to him and the entire Kamara family on the day he turned gay. In traditional fashion, Ishmael’s father lays a curse on him and a bounty on his head.

It is normal practice in many parts of Sierra Leone for homosexuals to be treated with scorn, discriminated and in extreme cases such as the one facing Ishmael Amara Kamara, secretly summarily eliminated through the use of mystical supernatural powers with tacit approval by the state which pays lip service to honoring universal human rights but secretly sanctions extermination of any Sierra Leonean indulging in homosexual tendencies.

Further investigations reveal that Ishmael Amara Kamara first fled from his father who had plans to have him killed secretly using mystical powers. On arrival in Freetown, he lived with his mother in Freetown until her death and his troubles started over all over again.

After the funeral, his father made it no secret that he will go to any length legally, illegally or even witchcraft to kill his own son who had brought shame on the family by becoming a homosexual.

Following numerous threats and attempts on his life, Ishmael Amara Kamara had no option but to flee the country because anywhere he sought refuge, he found out that his father being a very powerful paramount chief that had literally slaughtered through witchcraft a host of his “enemies” had very long arms.

Ishmael Kamara, according to family sources, was last seen in July 2014 boarding a vehicle to take him out of the country.

Very reliable family sources confirmed to this press that Pa Adikalie Amara Kamara, the father of Ishmael, is married to six wives and his mother is the first wife who bears twelve children but eleven have died through the witchcraft activities of his father. His father is also suspected to have ritually sacrificed a number of people including a number of his children for political power and fame.

This medium is therefore calling on all authorities concerned to come to the rescue of Ishmael Amara Kamara in order to save him from his father’s plans.

By Allieu Lamin Kamara

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