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Culture of Non-Maintenance

Culture of Non-Maintenance

We have observed with dismay that many government buildings have gone without renovation for several years and have consequently become eyesores.

One such building is the Magistrate Court no. 2 in the country’s second capital city. That building is a very big national disgrace and a blatant manifestation that successive governments in this country lack the culture of maintenance.

The worn out paint, tattered roof, broken windows and doors and the generally appalling state of the building makes it not resemble a property of the Government of Sierra Leone. Needless to say that since colonial days, that court house has never undergone any form of maintenance and many other top government buildings are existing in a similar neglected and dilapidated state, a vivid example being the famous Kabasa Lodge where the ex-president Siaka Stevens. Kabasa Lodge is now a mere shadow of its former glory

Apart from buildings, even our government vehicles hardly undergo proper and regular repairs, otherwise, most of them would not have become scraps. Visit some government institutions and meet scrap vehicles struggling for space. Most of these scrap government vehicles were parked, abandoned and left to rot away after developing minor faults that could have been easily rectified.

Such negligent behavior of successive governments is tantamount to financial impunity or reckless waste of state resources mainly generated from taxpayers’ money.

Our culture of non-maintenance goes down to even the law enforcement operations we launch. Operation WID to clear traders from the streets of Freetown came with a storm but by the time we could know it, it paled into oblivion and went Operation WID.

In view of the foregoing, we are calling on government to adopt the culture of maintenance to ensure the longevity of national assets.

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