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Deceitful US Report, Shaming…

Deceitful US Report, Shaming…

“The President directly ordered SLP senior officers to refrain from arresting Kemoh Sesay. Instead, he was brought for questioning and released on August 5, with subsequent questioning expected August 6th.”

By the aforementioned, it sounds connecting that officials of US Embassy SL could say authoritatively that it got real time information from senior police officers that President Koroma had ordered them (senior police men) not ‘dare’ arrest Kemoh Sesay, but allow him make voluntary statement.

While I question irregularities in the US Embassy secret report on Sierra Leone’s cocaine investigation, I am left with no option, but to call on the government to institute an investigation and try to bring to light, who among senior police officers that may have passed such an unfounded information to treacherous US Embassy officials.

To the bulk of Sierra Leoneans, the leaked US Embassy report bears information that is incredibly sourced and full of uncountable flaws.

In just days of publication of the US ‘Lie Lie’ report on Sierra Leone, paid up information outlets have had busy days doctoring and putting to order, unrealistic citations included in the US Embassy report on Sierra Leone.

Citation must be drawn to paragraph 5 (C) of the report, which categorically refers to APC Kemoh Sesay as one time SLPP parliamentarian.

Streets, highways, corners, off roads, bars, pubs and offices have been kept busy, critically reading through tainted secret US Embassy report while at the sametime, narrating and analyzing contents as falsely published.

Of course, minds of Sierra Leoneans drew a conclusion shortly after it was observed that a local tabloid had changed a word in the published US Embassy secret report on Sierra Leone.

“Kemoh Sesay was originally elected as a member of parliament in 1996 as an SLPP party member, but switched allegiances to APC during the 2002 election,” text as indicated verbatim in the original US Embassy report.

A local tabloid (name withheld), we observed, in its Wednesday 7th edition, used the word ‘PDP’ in place of ‘SLPP’ as was believingly mentioned in secret US report.

Without much ado, but do it right, it is Sierra Leoneans’ proudest moment to say to officials of US Embassy that Kemoh Sesay has never been any SLPP member, but factually has his first political affiliations in PDP.

‘Truth,’ they say, ‘are bitter pills, but must be swallowed by persons searching for cure.’ Yes, truth must be told because it helps inform society, corrects wrong doings and signposts the way to positive results.

It makes no odds having the US Embassy inform its home office of the doings of the government it is having at its Embassy, but it is wrong to cover coat a country negatively.

The arrest of the infamous cocaine plane at Sierra Leone’s only international airport attracted world concern. 

Police officers from UK and America later stormed Sierra Leone to willingly help in the investigation and prosecution of persons found culpable of drug overindulgences.

Of course, officials of American Embassy have had unfettered access into police conduct of the investigation.

At a particular point, and because of the cordial diplomatic relationship between Sierra Leone and America, some of the culprits convicted were handed over to them (America) for extradition.

Had President Koroma moved on the opposite, he would have had no option, but to restrict US ‘in come’ to issues surrounding the investigation and extradition of some of its nationals as drug giants.

Could not President Koroma’s uncompromising stance on the augmentation and intensification of laws concerning dangerous drugs not be a laudable and commendable venture?

Was President Koroma’s withdrawal of his Minister of Transport and Aviation, Kemoh Sesay, not something worth identifying him as pushing against drug conspiracies?

How about Kemoh Sesay’s handing over of his blood brother, Mohamed Sesay, to the police for investigation? Was it not a semblance of government’s unfettered and free-for-all intentions to have the police bring to book persons found wanting?

To this, I rest my argument and call on officials of the US Embassy in Sierra Leone to unconditionally apologize to Sierra Leoneans for tagging President Koroma and his former Aviation Minister, Kemoh Sesay, as facilitating the trade in narcotics and trafficking of cocaine etc.

Little speculation though that the publisher of Wikileaks, without fear, favour and bias, would guttingly reveal America’s rotten, reckless and eavesdropping activities against innocent Sierra Leone governments.

Again, the adage: ‘information is power’ seemed to stand tall shortly after Wikileaks disclosure of ‘gossip’ American information that accused officials of the APC as having deep hands in the trade of narcotics and trafficking of dangerous and prohibited drugs.

It has reached the desk of Sierra Express Media that Sierra Leone’s government intends to query officials of the US Embassy for saying things that disparage the credibility of the government in the eyes of international organizations.

That not withstanding, the public’s opinion indicates that Sierra Leoneans have gone mad over Wikileaks leaking of secret and denting intelligence by the US Embassy against Sierra Leone’s highly respected President.

“Until officials of  the US Embassy SL tell the whole world that the contents in the report against Sierra Leone are false, we will not sit by and allow society’s hard earned reputation dented,” are the words of Sierra Leoneans on the street.

More details next edition.

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  • “The President directly ordered SLP senior officers to refrain from arresting Kemoh Sesay. Instead, he was brought for questioning and released on August 5, with subsequent questioning expected August 6th.”

    The information in quote above is not different from the judgement of the Honourable Justice Brown -Mark when he was rendered his verdict in the cocaine case. Although I could not quote him directly now but he pronounced that there were abundance evidence that should have caused the Police and Attorney General to charge Mr. Kemoh Sesay to court but that was not done. Who to you, if you can look at things like any reasonable mind, influenced such action in a State like Sierra Leone and in a case in which the great International Community were interested?

    The report that Kemoh was a member of the SLPP as of 1996-2002 is not significant to the core of the story. In fact that is not far from true as the PDP was in alliance with the SLPP when Kabba won the 1996 election. Prominent PDP members remained in Kabba Government until after 2002. So what is the entire fuse about?

    11th December 2010

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