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September 2009

On Monday 14th September 2009 a two month old baby lost its life at S.S. Camp Regent, due to no fault of her innocent self - rather than that of her grandmother who left her

A man who is self esteemed in personality knows exactly how he feels about himself, his behavioral attitude and how much he would like others to respect him. It has been said that if we

Just the other day, I could not help but give a broad smile. You may wonder why. Well, let me explain. Along Congo Cross on a wet and rainy day, an unkempt and haggard-looking young man

Agents of the ruling APC are constantly whining about the opposition not doing its proper duty, about the opposition refusing that they were kicked out of office by the electorate and must admit that they

When the APC North America branch stood firmly and fought vigorously alongside the party leadership before and after the 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections, it was with the best of intentions. These intentions were rooted

The entire nation must have been shocked and overcome with melancholy at the news of the sea disasters off our coast when an allegedly grossly overloaded boat capsized in rough seas between Shenge and Tombo.

The National Union of Sierra Leone Students (NUSS) has lamented the present state of affairs in the educational sector in the country in a courtesy call paid to the Minister of Education and Technology Dr.

The Director of the Community Empowerment for Rural Development (CEFORD), Moses Ogendeh Kamara, has called on the Government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Education Science and Technology to help compliment the efforts of

News on the formation of militia groups in the country's capital Freetown to fend off activities of criminals away from their communities is a worrisome one and deserves thorough consideration of the issue by national

The Director in the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Mr. Fuord Sheriff, told Sierra Express that the Government has tightened its belt to ensure that no illegal fishing is carried out in the territorial

Residents of Wellington in the East of Freetown have prorated that the spate of armed robbery has intensified in their community making life completely in peril for peaceful dwellers that stay awake the whole night

Head of Government Asset Commission Unisa Alim Sesay aka ‘Awoko' has said in Freetown that the commission is bent on changing what used to tag government to be lacking the maintenance culture of property and

Prior to the hosting of the O.A.U in 1980, the power sector enjoyed a relatively stable supply of electricity. This was made possible due to the installation of the Sulzer engines which were then managed

Accidents in whatever shape or form could not be prevented if it has been destined by God Almighty to happen. No amount of human sacrifices could stop it from occurring. This is a sad reality

My several newspaper critics, who are mostly supporters of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) party, have a common trait which is to respond to my opinions with insults and name-calling rather than a logical