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September 2009

Over 250 Sierra Leoneans resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from Sierra Leone joined nearly three million Muslims in today's Friday congregational prayers at the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophets Mosque in Madinah, a

Freetown: SLAJ has noticed that certain media houses have started announcing increments in the cost of advertising in their individual media organs without the consent and expressed approval of other media owners and stakeholders including

It seems the President Koroma ruling outfit has taken counsel to preserve their most popular constituency in Freetown, the lawless street trading that is basically an ever growing menace to life. Despite the many ersatz

If the massive deforestation exercises that have gripped our reserved forests in the provinces and the Western Area of the country are not minimized or stopped, desertification and untold disasters will ensue. Precedence must be

ERRATA! ALISTEAIR DARLING, NOT DAVID MILLIBAND IS THE BRITISH CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER. Puawui would like to apologize to his readers for the error in his last column "SLPP needs no Lecture!" and thanks to

Richard Bockaire (RB):  Hello Willie Jay and welcome to Sierra Express Media; we are happy to have you and will be grateful if you will take some questions from us. Willie Jay (WJ): Thank you very

Alimamy Sesay, a 30 year old residing at Sumaila Town, back of Pademba Road Prisons, has been accused of raping an eight year old girl on Sunday 13th September, an incident which caused youths in

Police officers doing night patrol at the Kissy-Black Hall Road axis have been accused  of stealing two bags of coal from a suspect on the night of Monday 14th September 2009.  The Police Patrol Team

I read a bit of politics when I was in secondary school but not during my university days. I know for sure that the concept of separation of power was once promulgated by one time

Sierra Unite/Kanga Schools Project based in Sierra Leone and in Australia has in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Library Board completed the first phase of the training of teachers in library administration in the various

Drivers plying the Freetown Bo-Kenema and the Freetown-Makeni highways have expressed bitterness over the rate at which police extort money from them, saying that the situation is getting worse every day and that they are

For all Michael Jackson fans, a trailer has been released of the soon to hit the cinemas "This Is It" Like You've Never Seen Him Before.  The movie is slated to hit the cinemas for a period

In all my years of writing about HIV and Aids in Sierra Leone; I never once took time to examine or pay attention to this aspect of the fight against the HIV/Aids pandemic, until yesterday,

  A private and modernised academy built by a United Kingdom based contractor, and Sierra Leonean born Mr. Alie Bangura, commonly known as Okemps, has finally commenced the intake for the school year of 2009/10; providing

Soccer, established some centuries ago, played all over the world today is not just a game, but the way the truth and the life of hundreds of millions of fans, participants in Sierra Leone and