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Armed robbery now seems to have become the order of the day in Sierra Leone and what has made us more worried is the daring manner in which

To describe the spate of violence that gripped our country and especially the Southern region on Thursday as despicable would be an understatement. Violence of any kind cannot

Violence is now like a tradition among young people in Sierra Leone, This is very worrisome as it is affecting our effort towards enhancing quality education for children.

No law abiding person should condone the use of violence in any shape or form. There can be no justification of violence or riots in our community. This

Latest report reaching this press has stated that things have got out of hand in Benga village, Rotifunk Moyamba District, Southern Sierra Leone. A black Friday fell on

The youths at Alkalia village and its environs within the Koinadugu District are reported to be very angry with the way and manner the cattle rearers are treating

Monday, 2nd December, saw the referral of a case having to do with one Albert Kargbo  of Makeni.  Albert was arraigned on five counts, ranging from conspiracy, robbery

Foundation for Democratic Initiatives and Development (FDID-SL) has issued several press releases on police brutality ranging from the Bo killing, Tongo Fields, Bunbunna, Wellington in Freetown, Adonkia, Beach

Fourah Bay Foundation USA Inc. wishes to express its utter dismay and sadness over the stabbing deaths of two young men, during an outburst of violence between members of