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I am compelled to write this piece because a brother called Promise, who above all is a Sierra Leonean youth, has passionately decided to follow the new direction

Notwithstanding some challenges during the recent presidential elections, it is certainly a good feeling when you meet people from other nations around the world and they say: “Congratulations!

He said he will; they said he can’t; we said he will and by golly he has. Congratulations Mr. President. It has been a long journey with lots

Mr. President, the lesson of history is that many never learn the lesson of history.  (Photo: President Julius Maada Bio) Therefore amidst the festival of claps and back-slapping, kindly

Every five years, voters in Sierra Leone are called upon to choose a president who will lead the country. It is believed that any Sierra Leonean president hoping

The issue of ‘more time’ for President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma was initially ignited by the Minister of Transport and Aviation, Mr. Leonard Balogun Koroma, during the inauguration

Now that many of President Koroma’s most trusted ministers and heads of parastatals continue to disappoint him, who else will the president trust? Who else is honest enough

With President Ernest Bai Koroma slated to arrive in the People’s Republic of China in the coming hours, on an official invitation, strong indications are that it is

Sierra Leone’s President today stunned a jam-packed Westminster Hall with an astonishing presentation on private investment and economic growth and development in Sierra Leone. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma was