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On Monday 5th and Thursday 8th February, 2018, the Cookle Bay and Thompson Bay Communities were visited by the Sierra Leone Police in partnership with the Local Policing

January 10, 2018 Mr. Mohamed N’fa-Ali Conteh Chairman National Electoral Commission Tower Hill Freetown Dear Mr. Conteh The Role of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) on Polling Day Over the last 12 months, the Sierra Leone

The Director of Support Service in the Sierra Leone Police, Assistance Inspector General (AIG), Kalia Sesay has assured the nation on their Preparedness to guarantee security in the

The inspector General of Police (IGP), Francis Alieu Munu has commissioned 18 vehicles to security officials including Regional Commanders at the Police Headquarters in Freetown last Wednesday for

and Unlawful Harassment and Detention of Opposition Members Continue in the Run-Up to National Elections WASHINGTON, DC, USA – The Sierra Leone People’s Party North America Region (SLPPNA) wishes

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has released the second Pay No Bribe Report on bribe taking by public sector officials and responses from Ministries, Department and Agencies cover the

Recognizing the hectic task our security forces including the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed forces (RSLAF) and Sierra Leone Police (SLP) are performing, citizens have requested that our

Head of the Society for Democratic Initiatives (SDI), legal luminary Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, has described the attitude of the Sierra Leone Police as outdated, draconian and not necessary

Many traders at the Central Business District (CBD) of Freetown have accused the Metropolitan police of the Freetown City Council (FCC) of always returning their seized goods with