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The APC has reportedly won 25 out of 28 seats in the Western Urban and Western Rural Areas. All the seats in Bombali, Tonkokili, Koinadugu and Port Loko districts

It is a very sad state of affairs that on the eve of our general elections in Sierra Leone, we are saddled with a series of constitutional crisis.

Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara is aptly described as a versatile and well-travelled diplomat and an economist, a selfless politician and a God fearing personality full of respect

The people of Constituency 120 comprising of parts of Central Kissy, Cassell Farm, Up Wata, Television Pole, Kissy Mental, Moeba, parts of Kissy Brook and Colbot have said

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, African leaders were seeking for independence in order to lead themselves, but sweeping powers were abrogated using constitutional provisions to maintain

Watching the AYV television from the Diaspora seems very encouraging and interesting these days. In fact, the station has made millions of Sierra Leoneans to feel at home

He was passionate, confident and assuring as he addressed hundreds of Sierra Leoneans at the prestigious Royal Regency Hall in London on Saturday 9th December 2017 with a

I once said that the greatest threat to our democracy was our freedom of expression. Many saw this as paradoxically ironical. But as the election fever heats up,

The dream of constituents in Constituency 107 has fell on the rock as Honorable Francis Emmanuel Kowa who has been described by unhappy electorates as a failed representative