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Atlanta, USA; March 20, 2017 – Seven months since the elections in New Jersey on August 13, 2016, the APC-USA branch has finally inaugurated the Chairman, Mr. Unisa

Statement by the Minister of Political and Public Affairs, Hon. Nanette Thomas, during the International Women’s Day in Midrand, South Africa- 8th March 2017. Salutations; Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

(COMMONLY KNOWN AS BOBBY ALLEN) DELIVERED AT THE CIVIC LAYING OUT IN HIS HONOUR AUGUST 24 1938 – JANUARY 15, 2017 ‘Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that

On Thursday 9th February 2017, the Tribal Heads from the various tribes in Sierra Leone met with the Minister of Political and Public Affairs to work effectively in

The Minister of Political and Public Affairs (MPPA), Ms. Nanette Thomas on Saturday September 24, made known in details to the Sierra Leone community in Texas about the 

The Honorable Minister Madam Nanette Thomas and her able Deputy Minister; Hon. Ackmed Femi Mansaray, made it clear across all in a meeting held at the conference room

Dallas, Texas, USA May 22, 2016. Time has now permitted me to give a recital of the abilities and establishment of the woman I desire to place in

Ms. Nanette Thomas, will be soon sworn-in in our House of Parliament as Minister of Public Affairs and Community Service, a position that will replace her former Directorship

Texas, U.S.A: December 6, 2015. After almost six weeks of exciting and memorable stint with the All Peoples Congress Social and Cultural group (APC-SC) in Dallas, Texas, Mr.