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On a sunny afternoon, the village hunter returns from the Gola Forest with his catch strapped loosely to his back; visibly sick and walking lazily to his thatch-roofed

Many lured by affordable treatment, state-of-the art equipment, top-notch doctors and follow-up care Nagged by a sharp back pain three years ago, Abidemi Ogbonna from Lagos, Nigeria, decided to

Diabetes, cancer, heart and respiratory diseases will be the leading killers by 2030 Anxiety grips Jennifer Nakazi as her phone beeps for the third time since she arrived at

We in the Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI), have discovered that the failure in service provision, implementation of misguided health policies, plans and projects and

On my way to work yesterday, I had a brief conversation with a colleague journalist and brother I met at one of our rendezvous on Rawdon Street in

A suspected Ebola death was last week Thursday reported in Tonkolili District in the Northern Province. According to report, the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) dispatched a

Today, Sierra Leone marks the end of the Ebola outbreak. We give thanks to Almighty God, and I stand here humbled by the dedication of Ebola Response Workers,

Although Sierra Leone has beaten back Ebola to the corner with only two districts, Kambia and Port Loko now recording minimal cases, the country seems to be still

With the country apparently bringing an end to its Ebola chapter, a post Ebola Recovery Strategy document could not have come at the right time, given the lessons