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Sierra Express Media has discovered that with all the high number of ambulances kept at Cokeril in Freetown and elsewhere through the supervision of the Ministry of Health

Freetown, Jan. 13, 015 (MOHS) - In pursuing his Vision for 2015-2016 and 2016-2020 on building resilient system for health in Sierra Leone, Health and Sanitation Minister, Dr. Abu

“The Ebola hits us when we are vulnerable” says Health and Sanitation Minister, Dr. Abu Bakarr Fofanah during the presentation of his vision for 2015-2016/2016-2020 for Sierra Leone’s

The medical profession has become the most dreadful profession in Sierra Leone, and Sierra Leone has become once more a place to live with fear.  With the Ebola

On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, October 29th, I arrived at the Presidential Lodge, ninety minutes to the agreed time for the interview appointment (2pm). “You arrived earlier than expected”,

"Ebola must go, Ebola must go"; What do we need? More help; When do we need it? Now. Sierra Leoneans in London chanted as they take to the

Reports are that the K-Step Police Division is currently investigating a case of allegations of wrong prescriptions and administration of drugs by medics of the SLIMS Community Hospital

As you would recall, the war years in Sierra Leone claimed thousands of human lives of both civilians and gun totters of the different warring factions. Men, who

Hospital Matrons, District Health Sisters, and Senior Public Health Sisters in various programmes across the country have reassured the  Health and Sanitation Minister of their commitment and support