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486 former employees of the defunct Freetown Waste Management Company (FWMC) have presented their petition to the Freetown City Council (FCC) for payment of their redundancy package and

Freetown, Nov.26 (SLENA) - Workers of the Freetown Waste Management Company have been without salary for the past three (3) months. On Thursday 21st November 2013, they marched up

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is presently inquiring into the alleged illegal sale of World Bank properties donated to the Freetown Waste Management Company (FWMC). Information gathered by this

Sad to say the Freetown Municipality is now engulfed with filth. It is insulting to have a bed fill of garbage sites when there are hands on assignment

I’m back in Brussels after spending seven weeks in Sierra Leone. Within these seven weeks, I followed President Ernest Koroma in most of his provincial visits to get

Despite the stringent effort the Freetown City Council is making to ensure that Freetown is a clean and decent environment, little effort has been made by residents of