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Unlike other road construction companies before and now, Pavi Fort-Sierra Leone, wholly owned by Sierra Leoneans is proving each day that they are here to do marvelous, lasting

Sierra Leone’s leading indigenous construction company, Pavi Fort, under the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer, Alimu Barrie, on Friday 22nd June 2018, cleared 19 containers with a

A two Storey-Building own by a Police Officer at Cole Drive, Off Tengbeh Town ‘MAN MADE LANDSCAPE THREAT’. Residents of the Tengbeh Town, Signal Hill and Hill Cut communities

Working under pressure in the ongoing road construction project in Makeni, northern Sierra Leone,  a tragedy erupted barely two months ago, leaving about three shopkeepers seriously injured, hospitalized

The presenters at Star Radio are, in my view, doing well. Their breakfast program of 21st August was very informative. That Chairlady of Dan Street Market, east of