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I have seen several legal debates over the proposed setting up of the Commission of Inquiry to investigate persons who served in top government positions between the periods

According to one of the outstanding Legal Luminaries, Lawyer Charles Francis Margai (in photo), Section 149 of the Commission of Sierra Leone Act No.6 of 1991 provides for

Bio Sets A "Stage–Managed" Commission Of Inquiry In accordance with the Amended Notice of Private Member Motion, the proposer -Honourable Daniel Brima Koroma, seconded by Honourable Hassan A. Sesay

The  Commission of Inquiry that is to kick start in a few weeks’ time is on the lips of every Sierra Leonean. Whether it is a witch hunt

The Constitutional instrument dated on the 1st Day of August, 2018 setting up a Commission of Inquiry to look into sundry activities of the past APC led government

The announcement by the government of Sierra Leone of an inquest or commission of inquiry into the 1992 extra-judicial execution of 26 people must not signal an isolated

When events occur I like to wait and see what information comes to light before jumping in with 'it's this' or 'it's that'. What appears to be one

I’m at a loss to read a press release from the opposition SLPP denouncing the proposed setting up of a Commission of Inquiry to unveil the truth surrounding