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The authorities in Liberia have issued a statement to clarify that the unexplained deaths of 9 persons have been caused by Ebola. In total, 17 persons, according to the

As the number of Tuberculosis  cases  increases  due to negligence of assumptive patients to  respond to free treatment administered  at the Direct Observer  treatments (DOTs) Centers  across the

Various development partners including Usman Boie Kamara Foundation (UBKF African Diaspora Coordinating Office (ADCO), African Women’s Cancer Awareness Association, (AWCAA) and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS)

As the raining season approaches, Sierra Leone Street Children around the country are worried who among them will be able to cope with the heavy down pour of

The harbinger of the rain blasted it's trumpet yesterday in Freetown to announce the start of the rainy season next month! The whole announcement lasted for only 30 minutes

Acting Chairman of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Agriculture Forestry and Food Security (MAFFS), Hon. Aaron Aruna Koroma, representing Constituency 062, Yoni Chiefdom in Tonkolili District, has recently

The Programme Manager, National Malaria Control Programme, Dr. Samuel Juana Smith has said that Malaria is one of Sierra Leone’s leading cause of death and illness, adding that

In the entertainment business money, power and respect are the key. Money is a must, power is gained and respect is earned.   This is all what is illustrated in

FREETOWN, April 13, 2017 —  At the invitation of the Joint Operations Center (JOC) in Murray Town, officials from Sierra Leone Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) responsible for