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The All People’s Congress Social and Cultural group (APCSC) has just conducted its well overdue elections on June 30 in Dallas Texas. The elections were conducted ahead of

The Sierra Leone Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Bockari K. Stevens, on Saturday, April 6, witnessed a historic event when Mr. Sheik Daboh, a president of local

On behalf of the APC Dallas Chapter, as Assistant Secretary General of the Dallas Chapter, below is a letter that is aimed at giving a clear picture to

Saturday, July 21st marked another extraordinary day in Dallas, Texas for the All People’s Congress (APC), Dallas Chapter as it collaborated with the Diaspora Campaign Group (DCG) in

In a bid to accelerate the financial and logistic strength of President Koroma’s November election, and to honor the president for promoting democracy in Sierra Leone, the United

On Saturday December 10, the All People’s Congress and Social Cultural Group (APC/SC), the socio-political wing of the All People’s Congress was once again at its best when

Before passing the Secretary Generalship to Cornelius Macarthy, Daniel Kanu declared his intention to the group, All People’s Congress Social and Cultural (APCSC), Dallas Chapter that he is

It was good and heartening to witness friends and relatives in Texas as they welcomed back Ms. Nanette Thomas, who served fearlessly as Dallas’ APC Chapter President during