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How Safe Are Our Passports In The Hands Of Jamel Shallop?

How Safe Are Our Passports In The Hands Of Jamel Shallop?

With the process of acquiring Sierra Leone’s National Passports by its citizens now largely shrouded in secrecy, Sierra Leoneans across the country are now questioning the safety of their country’s passports in the hands of Jamel Shallop; a Lebanese national and owner of NetPage SL.

It could be recalled that NetPage is the company contracted by the Sierra Leone Government to process and produce our passports. However, many eyebrows are now being raised over the company’s handling of our passports that has led to the fluctuation of it price on a daily basis, depending on the rate of the dollar, and the manner in which our passports usually get to the hands of illegal persons including foreign nationals.

It could also be recalled that before our passports were handed to NetPage, the price of acquiring one was just Le100,000 with the process highly transparent. But since the coming of Shallop’s NetPage into the picture, the price of our passport has kept increasing on a daily basis and has now skyrocketed to a whopping $100 which despite its exorbitance, is also surrounded by a lot of secrecy.

It is also alleged that foreign nationals, especially Lebanese, now have access to our passports through the dubious games of Shallop, who according to allegations, has been involved in a lot of shady deals through his numerous companies. He has been able to meddle into the politics of our country moving from government to government using his ill-gotten money in fooling our political leaders; a result which has seen at least one of his numerous companies benefitting from almost all government contracts.

By Adeyemi Paul

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