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Pride in realism the weapon for success

Pride in realism the weapon for success

It is always a good thing to be proud of what is reality in one’s life. This is because pride in realism gives one the strength it takes to freely express oneself and gives ones heart out to the world. Pride in realism helps one to build a character of honesty, gesture and appreciation. This is truly the strongest character one needs in the arduous journey of life to success, stardom and relevance to human existence. This is also all what it takes the leadership and people of Africa to truly rewrite the course and history of the content.

Almost all the world’s adorable and successful folks (like Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Bob Marley) honestly treasured this lofty trait of life and nature for human existence. I take, for instance, the life story of Bob Marley (in photo). Marley was born to a British Whiteman and a Jamaican Blacklady; which, in those days, was a highly reproachable situation. As if that was not reproachful enough, Marley happened to be born as a farm-boy in the countryside of Jamaica, which, in its own way, was also bitterly scornful. Furthermore, Marley, in his early age, migrated to one of the many shantytowns (ghettos) of Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica. Ghetto life was, and still today is, strongly looked down upon in several metropolitan societies around the world. It was there, as an honest ghetto boy, that Marley dedicatedly pursued a career in music.

This was the reality, the rough social odds, of Marley’s life. But instead of letting this harsh reality cast a spell on his life, Marley took bold pride in it, freely and openly told the story as it earnestly was, and used realism as a weapon of success and stardom. Because of this, Marley later went on to become the greatest third-world superstar to have ever lived. Indeed, Marley’s life’s journey has taught, and still teaches, us what it takes to change the course of life for the better. That sincere pride in ones realism could rewrite the course and history of one’s life. This is the greatest recipe for success, and this is all what it would take the leadership and people of Africa to decisively rewrite the course and history of this noble continent.

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By Sulay B. Conteh

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