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“APC is dying”

“APC is dying”

Jacob Jusu Saffa, the fiery National Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has said that a lot of people who voted for the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party are leaving in droves for the SLPP because of uncertainty about President Ernest Koroma’s ability in wooing the voters. “Ernest Bai Koroma and his APC will not win the next coming Presidential and Parliamentary elections,” he said confidently.

The opposition scribe made this remarks following a report that numerous SLPP supporters are secretly leaving the party because of concerns that they will not succeed.

Mr. J. J. Saffa (photo) also said that APC supporters are leaving the party for the SLPP because of a lack of confidence in Ernest Koroma securing a second term in office.

“You will be shocked to learn how many big guys in the APC are secretly registering with us because the APC is very jittery of the resilience and determination of our members to bounce back come in the 2012 elections, and they know everything is going from bad to worse for them,” Mr. Saffa said in response to questions posed by Sierra Express Media.

Mr. Siaffa also confided that SLPP has a lot of money and that they are ready to ‘pour’ it to ensure that their supporters are well taken care of, including new members.

On the issue of Bumbuna, Mr. Saffa said the present government is just rushing to complete what they do not have the knowledge or the resources to achieve. He said that all what the present government is boasting was achieved under the previous government and that this is why all the systems in the country are falling apart gradually. “You cannot take a class four kid to fly a jet plane,” he said.

The scribe called on the government to fulfill their promises and not to go about making false claims of having won over other party members and said even the PMDC will jump over to the SLP “when the day of reckoning arrives.”

Saffa also challenged the APC PR unit to come out and prove themselves instead of “hiding behind their finger.”

On the issue of the Bumbuna, Saffa highlighted the recent press release from the World Bank Group in Sierra Leone expressing concern over the manner in which affected land owners are being treated. “The government received $12.5 million to pay the affected land owners and property owners but we want to know what the money was used for.” He called on the Anti-Corruption Commission to “dig under their own legs and they will discover the numerous corruptions going on under their nostrils by the very government that is in power.”

Saffa also criticized the manner in which the Freetown City Council has caused thousands of APC supporters to change side as a result of their brutal tactics and said “the city cannot offer any utility but they are ready to collect tax.”  

According to Saffa, he will encourage everyone to come to the SLPP. “APC is dying,” he stated emphatically.

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