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Mister Idiot: Money drought

Mister Idiot: Money drought

Cash drought? What an absurdity! No money in the banks but there are boxes filled in houses of government officials.  This is absolutely ridiculous. This is not a thing to laugh about. Banks are places where people take their money for safekeeping and transactions too.  Clients walk in there to transact with the banks with their hard earned money, why should they be deprived of it on demand?

I felt insulted the other day when I went to do some withdrawals at the bank only to be told that cash was not available.  A few minute later the cashier asked if I would not mind settling for 30% of my withdrawal request out of 100%.  At first I failed to understand the deal’s bargain until the cashier told me there was no enough cash in the vaults once again, and then I felt let down.  I thought I was being toyed with but in resigned fallout I decided to bulldoze the bank managers’ offices in protest.

One of the cashiers confronted me again and told me to be patient, I watched her with callous eyes as if I was about to swallow her swine.  Although I had no time doing harm to her because she was just doing the job she was employed to do. Then I began reacting to the system. Have these people not told us that the cash drought was only due to the Christmas’ withdrawing pressure?  This has gone beyond the limit.  Now the government is saying they were oblivious of the fact that mining and investment companies such as African Mineral, London Mining, Cape Lambert and others were going to be present as at printing the resized bank notes now in circulation. In short the presences of these companies have caused inflation to a short of cash in the vaults.

I almost went mad reacting to such silly ideas. First and foremost the banks allowed pressure from the government to withhold overdrafts and loans that are running too long which build a huge deficit with the cash flow.  Second a preference is given to government functionaries to withdraw as much cash which is not bad in any case.  What is bad rather is the shortage of cash which left more questions than answers, such as, “how soon are the monies are going to be made available?”

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