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Bridge to Lungi-rubbish – Repair Wilkinson Road now

Bridge to Lungi-rubbish – Repair Wilkinson Road now

Just when October 2011 ended, nobody, not even the Minister of Political Affairs, Alhaji Alpha Kanu, dare tell Sierra Leoneans why, up until November 1st the Wilkinson Road project has still not reached completion stage.

It is a fact that the Minister of Works, some months ago, told Sierra Leoneans that as at October 2011, roads under construction, in particular Wilkinson Road, would unquestionably reach completion.

And reflection must also be drawn to countless avowals of both the Minister of Information and the Minister of  Political Affairs, who on number of times, have occupied studios of radio and TV stations to give hope to Sierra Leoneans that, Freetown dissimilar to other provincial headquarter towns, will enjoy the pleasure of 30 roads; and of which the likes of Wilkinson Road etc, will carry 4 lanes.

It was also disclosed some months ago that the government of President Koroma will unfailingly construct a bridge to Lungi to enhance the free flow of vehicles and pedestrians to and from Lungi.

Albeit repeated failing promises of the ruling APC with regard the completion of roads under construction in Freetown, the Minister of Works, Alimamy P. Koroma, lately assured Sierra Leoneans that by October this year (2011), Wilkinson Road and other roads in Freetown would practically be completed and made accessible to the general public.

Even though October has come and gone, the roads in question have still not been completed by the Chinese at all.

Site visitation has shown nevertheless that the company hired to repair the Wilberforce and Wilkinson Roads etc., lacked the required machinery to do the job.

Disclosures are that the said Chinese company has had perpetual time hiring machineries of other construction company to do work on roads.

Interviews so far conducted reveal nevertheless that the expectation of the general public in relation to the much talked about road projects has longed weaken.

That the Minister of Information, Ibrahim Ben Kargbo and the Minister of Political Affairs, Alpha Kanu enjoys the pleasure of giving fake promises to the electorates.

It is fact that Minister Alpha Kanu lately told the public that his government has brought tons of rice from Guinea for sale at a cheaper rate, but up till the rice has still not reached the market as promised.

It is also an actuality that Minister IB Kargbo some two years ago hopefully told Sierra Leoneans that in 18 months the ruling APC government will construct four lane roads at streets inFreetown.

The APC has had unending moment assurances to Sierra Leoneans that it will in a little while complete the constructions of four lane roads in Freetown, but all of the times has failed the people.

Public assessments are that promised construction of a bridge to Lungi (similarly to the promise of Ex- President Kabbah) is seemingly a dream talk though.

By the look of things, it is factual that roads under construction in Freetown may not be completed even in mid 2013.

A school of education has described government’s publicity in relation to the Freetown road projects as a strategy to attract the electorates in the run up to the 2012 elections.

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  • Let koroma and APC stop dreaming. Nobody is going to lent them the money to build a bridge to Lungi. Build an airport in Hastings aor Waterloo and fix wilkinson road first. They have no credibility.


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