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November 2018

Who will really like to face a Commission of Inquiry that’s not bound by the rules of evidence and not time bound? Am sure even those that voted for such an instrument to become law

SLPP Lavishes Tax Payers Money On Personal Affairs The Leader and Chairman for the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) has described the allocation of $1 M which is equivalent to Le9 Billion to construct President Bio’s personal

Current Bio led “Paopa” regime revenge actions against northerners can be masquerade as justice, but it frequently ends up perverting it. The terms revenge and justice often get muddled by dangerous “Paopa” politicians. And that’s hardly surprising, for in

Authorities at the Central Medical Store at New England Ville in Freetown have been accused of poorly administering the Anti-Rabies Vaccine to victims of dog bites. According to reliable sources, the authorities are in the habit

It all started when the Operations Manager of AYV, Madam Stella Bangura updated audience of the robust zest of AYV towards changing the narratives by creating the much needed platform for young people that have

In an exclusive media coverage by this press at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala Esq asserted that the ACC is the peoples’ Commission, after dilated on the fact that people have to

In an exclusive media coverage, Media One of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) assured this Newspaper, all and sundry that the security status across the length and breadth of the country would remain substantially calm

Sierra Leone Minister of Health and Sanitation (MOHS), Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie has expressed interest to negotiate with the striking young Doctors to stop their strike action and go back to their various work places. 

The Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment Dr. Dennis Sandy, has on the 7th November 2018 held a meeting at the conference hall in his ministry, addressing hundreds of free-holders. He said the

Urgent Medical Attention Is Needed Fanta Jawara, a 13 year old girl, a JSS 3 pupil of the David Bayanor Secondary School at Sayinoh, Calaba Town in Freetown and currently admitted at the Connaught Teaching Hospital

Contestant #4, Isha Bangura Affirms  Isha Georgina Bangura (in photo), the 2017 AYV Miss University winner and former student at the History and Sociology Department at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, has stated that

Liberals Sierra Leone made their way to the grand finale of their 20 years anniversary gala thanks to 2-1 victory over the enjoyers of Quimanora while Auradicals eliminate other enjoyers, Diaspora.  (Photo: Liberals Sierra Leone) In what

Africa continues to be a recipient of aid and following decades of such practice, it became some sort of an ‘acceptable norm’, tied to our development process, thus exposing itself to the challenging dangers of

The Public Account Committee, Chaired by the Deputy Speaker of the Fifth Parliament of Sierra Leone, has on Thursday 8th November 2018 referred the Ministry of Defense and that of Agriculture to face the Anti-Corruption

Lagos gathered at the Landmark Event Center, November 9th, in anticipation of a great night, and that’s exactly what they got at Niniola’s Human Radio Concert. The concert kicked off with DJ Crowd Kontroller and DJ