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August 2017

It is still a taboo among traditional families in Sierra Leone for anyone to report a sexual offense to the Police except to local authorities at the rural areas who most time compromised such crucial

It is crystal clear that the indigenes of Worreh Makankry village in Makarie Gbantie Chiefdom Bombali District are always succumbed to meaningless disadvantages spearheaded against them by not only their close neighbors as a result

In answering to the call of the ordinary man, the medical guru and business heavy weight in Sierra Leone, Dr. Mohamed Tunde Macarthy (Tumac) as he is popularly known is on course to prefacing his

Yassin Kargbo (in photo),  General Manager of the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone has been criticized for saying on radio that the only place to do Tourism Management courses is the newly established Limkokwing

The concept of development is not only interpreted by availability of social amenities in a particular community, but also the social and political consciousness and awareness of the natives to determine their development. (Photo: Newly

Every blessed day, one or two Football officials in the country could be heard expressing negative sentiment against the first and only Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) female President, Isha Johansen (in photo). Recently, one of

Sources close to this medium has intimated that Smart Mobile, one of Sierra Leone’s telecommunications company has been shut down for incurring accumulative electricity debts to the tune of  Le 102,000,000 owed to VENTEC,  an

Political pundits are saying that the All Peoples Congress (APC) party may be shown the exit door from power through voter apathy if they continue failing to address the bread and butter issue that is

Many irate supporters of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) party are questioning as to what the former Sierra Rutile Boss, John Bonor Sesay means by his official declaration when he has already abandoned his

Community people at the Moyiba vicinity have whispered to Sierra Express Media (SEM) that they are preparing to vote overwhelmingly against the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) party if Government continues to fail in addressing

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in collaboration with Audit Service Sierra Leone (ASSL) through the auditor General’s Reports of 2015 commended Makeni City Council for their excellent performance over the years despite the numerous challenges.

Mr. Chairperson: At the outset, allow me to congratulate you and the Federal Republic of Nigeria for convening today’s open session on Child Soldiers/Out of School Children in Armed Conflict. We commend the diplomatic community

The outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in the country in May 2014 and the response of the international community contributed immensely to strengthening the health sector of Sierra Leone. A typical example of the improvement

Coroner Technician of Connaught Mortuary Hospital, Sinneh Kamara, who is also Chief Executive Officer of Death and Destitute, has admonished young people to stay away from violent activities.  (Photo: Corona Technician in the middle, Sinneh

I went to buy top up at the jam-packed EDSA office on Siaka Stevens Street when frustrated customers in the long queues were debating furiously to quit what they described as poor electricity service but