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President Ernest Bai Koroma has been reported being seriously embarrassed upon discovering that three top Government officials working in the Hajj Committee have conspired to defraud the state

A man of God who is spiritually passionate about the human development and existence in any part of the country and the world at large, Rev. Bankole Gibson

The concept of development is not only interpreted by availability of social amenities in a particular community, but also the social and political consciousness and awareness of the

Faith Healing Agricultural Project has expressed great anticipation as a result of last year's huge success to have bumper yield this  year after cultivating 169 acres of land

Sierra Leone’s profile over the weekend leapfrogged positively in the global Hajj affairs with one of the best awards given to the nation’s Pilgrims and the Management of

A pre-Hajj delegation headed by the Special Assistant to His Excellency the President on Social Affairs has arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to make arrangements for

I know that man is vicious by nature and that he can only be tamed and kept under control in a strict society of law and order. The Greek

Wife of leading SLPP intending flag bearer aspirant, Fatima Bio, past Saturday received glowing welcome from the Muslim jamaat at Fula Mosque, Robis road, Calaba Town in the

Sawm (fasting), the fourth basic duty of Islam is another act of 'Ibdah. All adult Muslims must fast from dawn to sunset every day of Ramadan, the ninth